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Understanding the past with narrative exposure therapy

Narrative exposure therapy (NET) can be a very useful technique to help make sense of events from the past. This can be very important when people have survived psychological trauma. NET can be really powerful when used with enhanced cognitive-behavioural therapy. Sometimes memories of psychologically traumatic events can feel as if they happening “in the here and now”. NET can help make sense of these events so that they feel as if they are happening in the past, where they belong, rather than feeling like they are in the present. NET can be particularly helpful when people have survived multiple traumatic events. NET isn’t just focussed on bad events, it also deals with positive memories. This can help people find a healthier way of looking at the past if they understandably find themselves thinking more about bad memories from the past. NET can be effective in people who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex PTSD. NET and elements of the NET approach can also be helpful for other types of reactions to trauma. If you think NET might help you, you can book an appointment with Dr Bloomfield by calling Samantha on 020 34488948 or emailing

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