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Rebuilding and reclaiming your life after traumatic experiences

Sometimes when sad or bad things happen it can feel as if we are somehow no longer the person we used to be. When this happens, a helpful part of therapy can be reclaiming and rebuilding your life. There is growing recognition that together these processes can be part of a type of personal “growth” after a trauma.

This process of rebuilding can involve, for example, doing activities that you used to enjoy, or re-connecting with certain people in your life to develop nurturing relationships with others. .

A key part of this process can involve learning can involve learning to be compassionate to yourself and to others. This sense of compassion can aid the development of a state of mind that can be helpful in fostering a sense of connection to oneself and to others.

In addition to increasing compassionate and feelings of connection, it can also be helpful to engage in activities that can make us feel like we have a sense of power, rather than feeling powerless.

A further aim of therapy that can help in rebuilding your life can involve “letting go” of aspects of the traumatic experience. Sometimes it can understandably take time and talking through before we feel like we can “let go” of painful experiences.

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