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The importance of taking time

In order to get good results, it’s important not to rush. Taking time is very important to properly understand mental health problems relating to psychological trauma. Some types of traumatic experience can be relatively straightforward to understand. Other types of traumatic experience, especially those involving multiple traumas, those involving other people and those that happen when we’re growing up can be associated with more complex problems. It’s also really important to understand whether trauma is associated with other problems like depression and anxiety for example. This is so that treatments can be tailored accordingly. It may be that one appointment can be sufficient, although it may also be necessary to have an assessment over a few appointments. Initial appointments can take between one hour and 90 minutes. When either the traumatic experiences, or their effects, are more complex 90 minute appointments allow for in-depth understanding of what has happened and what needs to be done to make things better now and in the future. Initially you will receive an in-depth psychiatric consultation over one or more sessions. If you decide to start therapy then you will also have one or more initial therapy sessions to see if the type of therapy discussed with you is the most appropriate, how it might need to be tailored to you and so that you can decide if you would like to engage in the therapy by seeing if you and your therapist can reach a joint understanding of how your current problems may be related to your past experiences.

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