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Dr Bloomfield to become Principle Clinical Research Fellow

University College London (UCL) will be promoting Dr Bloomfield to the role of Priniciple Clinical Research Fellow from October this year. “I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to take this prestigious position so that I can continue my work understanding how to make things better for people experiencing mental illness”, said Dr Bloomfield, who leads the Translational Psychiatry Research Group at UCL. UCL is one of the best universities for medical research in the world and the best university for neuroscience in Europe.

Dr Bloomfield will be continuing to research how people can become mentally ill and which treatments can make things better. His current research priorities include understanding how psychological trauma in childhood and adolescence induce vulnerability to psychosis in adulthood and investigating the mechanisms of action of the drugs in cannabis called cannabinoids.

If you would like to support Dr Bloomfield's research programme with a donation, please follow this link. All donations, no matter how big or small are greatly received

More information on Dr Bloomfield's academic work, including publications, is available here:

More information on the Translational research group is available here:

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